The Best Universal Templates and Word Banks for Creating IEP Goals

Writing IEP goals can be very difficult to continually write. Especially if you are a general education teacher who is asked to write one. It can be daunting! Well this list is to help you find your scripts. I do not intend for this list to be copied exactly. Everything needs to be tailored for the individual child, however, this list should help you find the right wording to correctly write a goal. Thus the title, best templates and word banks for CREATING IEP goals…

Generic Fill In The Blank:

Student will ____(skill)____ with _____% accuracy across ____ out of ____ tests.

Student will ___ (skill)____ across 3 consecutive school days with _______% accuracy.

After __________ occurs, Student will demonstrate ____(skill)____ with ______% accuracy on 3 out of 5 trials.

Student will demonstrate _______(behavior)_______ for _____(amount of time)____ on 3 consecutive trials.

Reading IEP Goals:

Student will read 100 words per minute on a third grade DIBELs level, with 75% accuracy across 3 consecutive trials.

With 75% accuracy on 3 separate attempts, Student will answer 3 “Where” questions after reading a story with a Lexile level of 400.

Student will summarize the beginning, middle, and end of a 2nd grade level story with 90% accuracy across 10 trials.

Math IEP Goals:

Student will be able to use a calculator accurately with 90% accuracy across 10 trials.

Student will be able to count to 100 with 100% accuracy across 2 out of 3 trials.

Student will be to identify and break down a two digit addition word problem into steps with 70% accuracy across 3 consecutive trials.

Writing IEP Goals:

Using a sentence starter, student will be able to write 3 sentences that are between the lines on notebook paper.

Student will be able to write an introduction, 3-5 details, and a conclusion sentence with 90% accuracy across 10 trials.

Student will be able to use at least one compound sentence in their writing responses with 80% accuracy across 5 trials.

Attention/Focus IEP Goals:

With 60% accuracy across 3 consecutive class periods, Student will be able to use a timer to monitor if they were on task or not.

Student will keep their eyes on the teacher while they are giving instructions with 60% accuracy, on 10 trials, with 3 different teachers.

With 90% accuracy across 9 trials, Student will use a reflection check sheet after instructions have been given to help remember all the steps.

Social Skills:

Across 3 settings, 10 trials, and 90% accuracy, Student will initiate 3 conversations by asking questions to a peer.

Student will use a feelings sheet to calm down independently across 3 class periods, 5 consecutive school days, and with 95% accuracy.

Without prompting, Student will use a sentence starter reminder to ask clarifying questions in class across 3 class periods and with 85% accuracy.

Word Bank

Phrases that communicate how the goal will be met:

  • # consecutive trials
  • on five trials through out the quarter
  • across # class periods
  • during _____(specific class or situation)___
  • ____ out of _____ test questions
  • across # opportunities
  • after __(minutes)__
  • through the entire quarter

Words that show learning:

  • demonstrate
  • complete
  • summarize
  • say
  • create
  • use
  • reflect
  • memorize
  • count/add/subtract/read/write
  • ask
  • answer
  • show their work
  • solve
  • teach
  • master
  • initiate
  • identify

Phrases that clarify how the goal is measured and demonstrated:

  • using a graphic organizer
  • without prompting
  • across 3 settings
  • after a stressful encounter
  • using ____(accommodation)____
  • with a teacher/peer
  • during recess
  • when transitioning to a different classroom
  • in the general education classroom
  • after reading a _____ level book
  • with 3 prompts or less
  • after a redirection
  • with no redirections

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