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Here’s What Parents With Students Receiving SPED Services Should Expect From Public Schools

This is quite the mess, isn’t it? We are in an unprecedented time. So we’re trying to adapt and cope. As parents, the various aspects of how the quarantining and illness around the world is going to affect us is terrifying. Plus, the day to day of being constantly with our children, especially if our children have a large amount of needs, can really compound our stress. It can feel incredibly lonely. As schools are starting to gain some stability, it’s natural to have some questions and expectations from them. What I am asking of you, whoever you are, is to remember that every person you interact with is also stressed, uncertain, and figuring it out as they go. Please give your schools grace as you advocate for your child with special needs. With that said, here’s what I would expect from them…

Yes, Expect These Things:

Things That Would Be Nice, But Probably Not Everyone Will Do It:

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What You Should NOT Expect:

And Finally, Here’s A Few Tips That I Can Offer To Help:

Wrapping It Up

It’s totally normal to be upset right now, but I would encourage you to take a deep breath, and then think what is the most practical. How can I make my decisions “middle of the road” or create a reasonable compromise? Keep it positive. You’re doing great.

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