Parent Phone Call Scripts for Special Education Teachers

To Introduce Yourself

Hey, this is _____your name______. I am one of _____student’s name_____ teachers from _____school’s name_____. Am I speaking to ______parent’s name_____?

If no, follow up with this: That’s alright, can I ask who I am speaking to now? (WRITE DOWN THEIR NAME) It’s great to meet you ____ person’s name_____. Is there a good time for me to reach ______parent’s name_____?

If yes, follow up with this: Great, I was calling to introduce myself. I am the (or one of) special education teacher at _____your school_____. (You wait to say you’re the special education teacher incase someone answers the phone who would break confidentiality.

Then tell the parent these things:

  1. Why they don’t know you… “I’m new to this school,” or “Daniel has moved up to 3rd grade!”
  2. When their child will be seeing you. (“I meet with Daniel twice a week at 10 AM. This is at the end of his reading class.)
  3. Two important dates coming up (IEP meeting date, or progress report date. “I also wanted to let you know that progress reports will come home on ________, and that our next IEP meeting due date is __________.”)
  4. How they can contact you. (“The fastest way to get ahold of me is my email address at _________.”)
  5. Ask if they have any questions or concerns this year. (THEN YOU WRITE DOWN THE QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS. If you don’t have an answer, just say that. Tell them you will find out and then get back to them.)
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To Set Up A Meeting

(Start with the general greeting from above.)

If parent is on the phone: Okay, great! I am calling because ___(student’s name)____ IEP is due on _________. We need to set up a date when we can plan some new IEP goals. I am free at ___(date and time)______ or ____(date and time)____ , do either of this these times work for you?

If no: Is there a time that works for you the week of the ________?

Option 1: Okay great, let me write that date down and check with the rest of the IEP team.

Option 2: That time doesn’t work because of _____________. Do you have any other availability? (If they say no again, ask when they are available for a phone call.)

If you continually miss the parent on the phone, try checking their phone number, ask their child when they are available on the phone, or send a letter home with this general outline. Always reward the student for bringing back this paperwork signed!

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To Talk About A Behavioral Issue

(Start with the general greeting from above. Take notes throughout the conversation! It’s important to keep track of these interactions for legal reasons and to help you better understand the student.)

If paren is on the phone: I am calling tonight to give you information about an incident that happened today at school with __________. Here is what we know happened: __________________________. (optional: We are unsure about _____________. But we assume that one of two things may have contributed to this situation, and they are __________________.)

Give the parent some type of opportunity to contribute (pick one of two that apply): Did ___(student’s name)______ tell you about this incident?/What was their perception? Have you seen ____(student’s name)_____ ever react like this before? Are you struggling with any behaviors like this at home?

Attempt to validate the parent. Listen and provide feedback.

If they are angry: I understand why you are frustrated about this. (you can add more detail here if there’s a specific detail or issue they are bringing up; i.e. “The other student will also be receiving a consequence.”) Can we set up another time we can meet in person or call with my supervisor? We want you to be able to feel comfortable with your student at our school.

Next, tell the parent what the consequence will be: At this time (or until we can meet and further discuss this), ____(student’s name)____ will be _____(removed from the classroom/given an in school suspension/not allowed in the hallways without an aide/etc.)_____.

Finally, tell the parent what you need them to with this information. For example: follow up with the student and get back to us, sign a behavior contract, pick up the student from school, etc.

Provide a follow up time: (We’ll meet again at _________. We need the contract signed by tomorrow. We’ll send home a behavior sheet each day.

Closing: “Thank you for you time, we’ll be in touch.”

Let me know if you need any other specific help with phone calls!

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