How To Increase Motivation To Work Again After A Break

…summer break that is.

Summer means traveling for me. And after traveling around and leaving home for several weeks, it can be so depressing to start working again. Not only does just being in your “same old” routine sometimes gets sad, but also getting back into work is difficult.

Here are some tried and true tips from a lady who loves to have fun:

1. Add some small enjoyable activities to add into your routine.

The day after a vacation is the worst for me. I hate all the unpacking, cleaning, laundry, etc. So I plant a few fun activities that are simple to help provide some joy. Sometimes it’s as simple as starting a project that I left at home, pausing to reading a good book, getting some yummy hometown food, or going for a walk. I especially love activities that connect me back to my own community because it creates feelings of gratitude for where I currently live.

2. Journal or reflect on your vacation.

Rather than pining over the vacation that is over, take time to look over the trip or break, and feel grateful that it happened. Literally saying the words out loud help: “I am grateful that…” Some questions that help reflect are: What did I learn from this break? How did this break help recharge me? What would I do again or what would I change?

3. Add positive affirmations where you see them often.

This sounds cliche, but I promise, these little affirmations really help refocus negative attitudes. You can just tape up motivational quotes, pictures of where you want to be in a year, or literally write you goals down. Which brings me to 3…

4. Make an attainable goal.

Making a goal to work on helps get your brain focused on getting back to work. What are you going to start doing? What do you want to improve? Make sure to write out a few action steps that will make the goal happen!

5. Reward yourself for doing things you really don’t feel like doing.

I do this all the time. If I went to a professional development that sounded awful, I get myself some ice cream afterwards. And if I finally did the laundry that I was dreading, I am going to sit down and watch a great show. Sometimes we just need some extrinsic motivation!

6. Plan another trip.

I know this seems silly, but research shows that looking forward to trips increases out happiness. Now you might be thinking, I don’t have money for that. But that’s fine! Planning out a dream trip for next summer, even if it doesn’t happen, will still create the happiness of a real trip. Pretty cool, huh? Also though, maybe consider a smaller scale trip? What about visiting a local museum? Once you pick something, put it on the calendar!

Feeling more motivated to start back to school? Great! Ready… Set…

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