10 Summer Jobs That Still Give Teachers A Summer Break

I get it, summer rolls around and all you want to do is get outside and enjoy the sunshine, or sit on your couch and binge watch the TV you missed for the past 9 months… but for many of us, summer is the perfect opportunity to earn some extra money to pay the bills. But what about that unwind time? Sometimes a break allows us the opportunity to miss our kiddos. The jobs below can help provide a break from the classroom and some much needed money.

Teachers aren’t always paid well… no surprise there! Earning some extra dough in the summer while still getting some recharge time is difficult to manage. This list can help land the perfect job, and the perfect summer break!

1. Firework Sales

Don’t write this one off too soon! The reason why this is an awesome opportunity is because they only a few weeks in June and July, you can make several thousand dollars, and they happen every summer. Typically, you don’t have to pay for much up front. You can find advertisements on job sites, or just search for TNT or American firework sales.

2. Life Guard/Pool Management

This might feel like you are back in high school, but in reality pools are frequently looking for some more mature staff. And these jobs typically start and end with school times. While you might imagine that you will still be yelling at kiddos, but it’s a relatively easy job to manage. Plus no planning ahead of time! Check out the local pools in your area.

3. BoomWriter Camps

Summer camps still require teachers to interact with children, but programs like Boom Writers, allow teachers to do minimal planning, very little management, and can work as much as they want to. Plus this is online so you can teach by the pool or on the go as you travel.

4. Brand Ambassador

These jobs are always popping up on sites like Indeed.com. These jobs typically ask for more hours, but they definitely are different than managing kids in the classroom.

5. Nanny

Nanny jobs are huge for the summer! The families that are still working suddenly have their kids home all day. While this job doesn’t give you time away from kids, you can definitely reduce the classroom management and planning. Just show up and watch the kiddos. A lot of times, families will even encourage you to go do fun things with the kids!

6. Golf Course Maintenance/Caddy

Working at a golf course is the perfect way for you to get a free pass for yourself this summer! Ground maintenance can be a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and keep making some extra money.

7. Camp Counselor

Now you may be thinking that this is just like running a classroom, and you would probably be right. BUT if you are very selective, you can find camp counselor positions that are already planned, or are outdoors, etc. Look for one that sounds interesting to you. And don’t forget to look into supervision or management at these types of facilities.

7. Give Lessons In Something Non Academic

Jumping on the opportunity to teach something non academic can be really fun. Think about music, crafts, sewing, cooking, swimming, computer related, etc. These can be taught from your home, park, community center, or even online! If you are looking for online platforms, check out TakeLessons.com, but do it quick. The search engine sometimes takes several weeks to rank you where students can find you. If that’s not your speed, consider making a Facebook page for your class and do a little promotion through the site.

8. Local Theme Park Jobs

These jobs typically don’t pay as much, and require a lot of standing all day, but they can still be a fun way to break up the stress of teaching through the year.

9. Driver

Driving has become very legitimate! Thanks to Uber and Lyft, once you show proof of your car and insurance, you can start working. These companies can be a great break from the classroom if you enjoy driving around. PLUS this could be a great side hustle into the school year.

10. Delivery

This business is HUGE and continues to grow. It includes Amazon delivery, DoorDash, InstaCart, or even pizza delivery. Delivery jobs have the potential to be flexible for other fun summer activities.

Other Ideas…

These are only some of the opportunities though. Don’t discount working at summer school or tutoring. But, those jobs just can be taxing after a long school year of managing kids and administration. Make sure to also check out places like the local YMCA, gyms, and recreation centers near you. These jobs can still be really crazy with kids everywhere, but sometimes these are the best paying opportunities.

Good luck finding summer job that still gives you some break time!

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