10 Best Dollar Tree Classroom Tools For Teachers On A Budget

Teaching a dynamic and interesting lesson takes tools. And buying tools takes money. And guess what? Teachers do not really have a lot of money. Luckily we do have access to the Dollar Tree. I have compiled the 10 best Dollar Tree finds that @dollartreeclassrooms found on their Instagram page! If you like what you see here, you should definitely follow them for more awesome ideas!

1. Subtraction With Ping Pong Balls and Shoebox

Subtraction comes to life with this physical activity!

All this takes is cutting some holes in the shoe box, pingpong balls from the dollar tree and voila, subtraction manipulative!

2. Magnetic Drawing Board Turns Into A Writing Pad

Just use a permanent marker and a ruler to draw on the lines! Students will love writing their letters on these.

3. Silent Foam Dice

These are made from foam blocks at the Dollar Tree and a Sharpie. Draw the dots on yourself! Bam! Silent dice that don’t make crazy clanging.

4. Flashcards In A Photo Album

A fun and reusable way to use flashcards at centers! Students can wipe clean after each use!

5. Add An Eraser Onto Your Expo Markers

Speaking of dry erase activities… Take a pompom. Hot glue it onto the marker. Grab a cute cup. Done.

6. Ziplock Word Work Bags

Paint inside of a ziplock adds a new way to practice writing, spelling, and reading. @dollartreeclassrooms recommends putting some duck tape on the seal for extra protection!

7. Reading Center Fun

With the exception of the PVC pipes, you can use these tools to help encourage kids to read in the classroom.

8. Paper Plate Pie Fractions

Finding circle manipulatives is tricky! Using colored plates can help students visualize fractions in a circle.

9. Fidget Bands

Guys, I have used these and they work. Kids can kick them and keep moving through the whole lesson! Also I have seen them sold as much as $20. I am totally scoping these out at the Dollar Tree.

10. No More Lost Pencils

Taking pencils out of the classroom usually means you’ll never see that pencil again. Luckily, you’ll have these awesome toothbrush holders next time!

Seen any other awesome finds? Let me know. Big thank you to @dollarstoreclassrooms for compiling this list!

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