Is The Homework 911 for Kids Course From No Guilt Mom Worth Buying?

Recently I came across a homework course from the No Guilt Mom called Homework 911 for Kids. I thought it was definitely worth taking a look at. As a teacher, I know how hard the homework struggle can be. But is this course actually going to change how your family does Homework? Is Homework 911 for Kids worth buying?

Getting Enrolled

Getting enrolled was super easy. The founder of No Guilt Mom, JoAnn Crohn, created and instructs the course. Enrollment can be done through her website and payment can be made through PayPal. She sends you an email to confirm enrollment and then gives a run down of everything.

Here’s a screen shot of what to expect with her email instructions. Super helpful!

However, enrollment periods are limited. This spring enrollment is closed, but should open up again this fall. Don’t let this discourage you though, you can jump on the wait list and get some helpful freebies!

This course is not to be confused with Homework 911. Homework 911 is a course that is intended for parents. Homework 911 for kids is specifically a course that is meant to empower children. It’s for them!

P.S… When searching for Homework 911, you may pull up a website called Homework 911 for tutors. This is not what I am reviewing. Make sure you search for Homework 911 No Guilt Mom… or something like that!

Perks Before You Start

As an added bonus to this course, JoAnn has invited parents to join her private Facebook Group for enrolling. Once I joined the group, I was able to access direct time with JoAnn to help answer questions and get support. JoAnn was very professional and frequently asked for questions (and actually answered them, so bonus!).

Navigating the Course

The entire course is only about 30 minutes. 30 minutes! That is super doable for a kid to sit down and complete. Each section is broken into small videos that are less than 5 minutes long, and each video includes cute animations that help engage kiddos.

Cute pictures help engage students in Homework 911 for Kids!

After a short video, kids are either given a specific task to complete and/or asked to answer a question about the video. I personally loved this because it required action from kids. It was not a passive course.

I small quiz was given after each video on Homework 911 for kids.

To make things extra friendly, she even includes a transcript of each video to allow easy access! I love rereading things to help me remember what was said. Big bonus for me.

Video transcripts were added after each video in Homework 911 for Kids.

Course Curriculum

In short, what was covered was super kid friendly! I am impressed how accessible the content was. A kid could definitely understand each step and implement it. Which don’t we all want our kids to be independent with homework? I will answer that. Of course we do.

A few of the things needed to accomplish homework from Homework 911 for Kids.

Now when I started the course I did not think it was going to add a lot of value to my parenting because “I know this stuff.” Right? Well I was surprised how simple JoAnn broke down behavior principles and then put them in kids control. It’s easy to forget important behavior principles while parenting. Plus it is helpful to be able to step back as a parent and let kids feel in control. That alone makes this course worth the money.

Additional Tools

JoAnn also adds several printable tools that were super helpful. They break down each step she discusses and makes them action steps. And they create choice and ownership for kids. Kids are encouraged to choose motivators, what activities they want to do first, and even what type of snack they want to eat!

This is an example of one printable sheet to help kids take ownership of after school time in Homework 911 for Kids.

So Would I Recommend it?

Yes. I would. I think it could be a great tool for families who are struggling to get a homework routine to work.

That being said, I would also caution if your child is struggling with grade level material in general. JoAnn does mention this briefly in her course. She advises 10 minutes of homework per grade. And if you child is going over that amount even with a great homework strategy, make sure you talk their teacher. I echo that sentiment. Students who are behind academically may need more target support, or a change in their homework load.

Let me know if you purchase this course, or if you have homework struggles/successes at home!

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