Which Is Best To Work For: Tutor.com or Varsity Tutors?

Tutoring can be a fantastic way to bring in extra income, or earn money with a flexible schedule. Even though remote tutoring for English as a second language (or ESL) has become a giant job market (read more about which is best here), there are plenty of companies who provide means for general tutoring to take place.

Previously I wrote a lengthy article on several of the top online tutoring companies. I ranked them based on a rubric, and then broke down their scores. If you are interested to know more, you can read that here. However, when “online tutoring” is searched for in google, Tutor.com and Varsity Tutors are the first companies to come up. Since these are the easiest companies to find, I wanted look into these tutoring companies specifically. 

How Did They Score On My Previous Line Up?

Out of 20 points, Tutor.com earned 9 and Varsity Tutors earned 11. After realizing these are both failing scores… it’s easy to feel like these are rather shabby scores. Here are their individual breakdowns: 

Varsity Tutors
Pay: Varisty Tutors pays based on the subject area and expertise. Online tutors reported a range from $15-33 per hour. + 2 points
Flexibility: Varsity Tutors has one of the most flexible platforms for tutors. You can work online, in person, or accept instant tutoring jobs. Teachers also have control over which student they accept. + 3 points
Easily Find Students: Students are matched to teachers, but teachers can reject the assignment if they would like. + 3 points
Reviews: Employees ranked Varsity Tutors with an average of 81% approval. + 3 points (glassdoor ReviewsIndeed Reviews)
Support: There were several sources claiming that it was difficult to work with managers and get help when needed. + 1 point
Hiring Process: Varsity tutors looks at your past experience, conducts and interview, requires a history of academic excellence, and has several mock tutoring sessions before hiring happens. +2 points
Awards: None


Pay: Tutor.com pays $11-13 per hour. +1 point
Flexibility: This company allows teachers to create their own schedule, however, they do not allow more than 3 hours of tutoring in one day. + 2 points
Easily Find Students: Tutors say it’s difficult to be matched with students on this website. +1 point
Reviews: Employees ranked Tutor.com with a 68% approval rating. + 1 point (glassdoor ReviewsIndeed Reviews)
Support: Teachers are given a technology platform to provide easier tutoring experiences. + 3 points
Hiring Process: This company touts that only 3% of screened applicants are actually hired. In addition to interviews and mock tutoring sessions, this company also requires tutors to send in writing samples and pass subject exams. + 1 point
Awards: None


Are There Better Companies To Work For?

Yes. There are definitely better options out there, but these companies are not the worst. They are fairly difficult to get a job with though. If you do not have a lot of expertise in the field you would like to tutor in, I would try a different company.

A newer website you may be interested in trying is TutorOcean. They are basically a large search engine where students can find your profile and begin tutoring with you. This service is free for both teacher and student. A similar company is called TakeLessons.

Why Should I Still Consider Varsity Tutors?

Varsity Tutors has a very interesting feature which allows tutors to log on and accept students instantly. This creates an easy way for consumers to find tutors quickly and as needed, thus generating more income for tutors.

Another obvious reason to pick Varsity Tutors is simply for exposure. If they are always first in google searches, more students are going to be drawn to them as a company. That means more business for you.

Why Should I Still Consider Tutor.Com?

Similar to Varsity, Tutor.Com has a fantastic SE). Anytime someone searches online tutoring, Tutor.Com is naturally going to pop up! That means more students for you. They also provide 24/7 tutoring services.

Since Tutor.Com only operates online, it also has a well developed tutor interface. This means that teaching with online tools is way easier than some websites. Tutor.Com has tools already built in. A nice feature about exclusive online tutoring is that everyone stays anonymous.

Tutor.Com also says they have the best tutors in the industry. That means the type of students attracted could be more mature and consistent. They also market directly to schools and libraries. This also increases the student market and creates more long term students.

Lastly, Tutor.Com has a program that provides free instant tutoring for military families. That’s awesome!

So Which One Is The Best?

In my opinion, Tutor.Com.

Even though their score was technically lower, if you are picking them for market reach, reliability, and ease, Tutor.Com has more. However, I believe the best tutoring company to work for in general is Chegg (which I review in my previous post).

Let me know if you have any tutoring companies that you have loved, or if you disagree with my breakdown. Love to hear more information. 🙂

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