15 Most Common Teacher New Year Resolutions That Fizzle Out Before February

The Holiday Season is winding down! After a nice long break we (the teaching community) feel a sense of renewal. We’re ready to jump back into learning, put a smile on our face, and deal with the most difficult student in class… or do we?

In my experience, the teaching community is one of the most likely profession to forget how terribly stressed they really were before a break! It’s similar to parenting. Once your first child reaches a certain point, you slowly forget how difficult pregnancy was… or how tired you were with an infant… it can’t really be all that hard, right? So we try it again!

Anyways, this list is not meant to cause additional negativity, rather it was meant to bring a few laughs. Hopefully we can find some camaraderie in the struggles of teaching, and then try our best to set some realistic goals this year.

So, without further ado…

The Resolutions

1. Have all lessons prepped and turned in on time.

2. Be on time.

3. Leave work at school.

3. Eat Less Sweets

4. Complete grading before report cards are due.

5. Get enough sleep.

6. Stop complaining about irritating coworkers.

7. Keep desk organized.

8. Remove sarcasm from workplace conversation.

9. Stop using treats as the default behavior reinforcement.

10. Keep a positive attitude through staff meetings.

11. Keep bulletin boards up to date with new student work and decorations.

(Luckily that old dried out wreath can work for Halloween next school year… right?)

12. End indoor recess on time.

13. Meal plan and bring a healthy lunch to school everyday.

14. While we’re doing that healthy eating, stop driving like an Indie 500 racer to leave, get fast food, and be back at school in under 15 minutes.

15. Empty teacher mailbox each day.

Keep up the great work and remember you’re doing a great work!

Happy New Years!

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