The Ultimate Teacher Gift List

I know there’s a million of these posts floating around. However, I have yet to find one that really boils down to the most wanted ideas. I also don’t typically post every week, but the count down to Christmas is winding down!

Monetary Gifts

Every year teachers across the United States have to figure out how they are going to receive enough supplies for their classroom. Instead of wasting gift money on a homemade treat (teachers may not feel comfortable eating), or a nicknack for their desk, think about putting that money towards something the classroom will actually use!

  1. Cleaning Supplies (Clorox wipes are pure gold)
  2. Dry Erase Markers
  3. A gift card to a food place that delivers to the school (Dominos, Uber Eats, Jimmy Johns, Panera).
  4. Pencils and Pens
  5. Gift card to Target, Walmart, Amazon, or office supply store
  6. Non scented hand lotion
  7. Tissues and/or Paper Towels
  8. White Copy Paper
  9. If they have their own printer: ink for their printer
  10. Ask if they need a set of classroom books or if they need a few new copies of a class set.
  11. Money towards a future field trip
  12. A small appliance such as a microwave or a coffee maker. (Check with the teacher though. Some schools do not allow these items in the classroom. However, they may need another one in the teacher’s lounge.)
  13. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
  14. Ask the teacher what supplies they are in need of and buy them.

Non Monetary Gifts

Many families forget that gifts do not always need to come from a store. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are extra help in the classroom. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher about what they actually need!

  1. A letter of thanks. Seriously guys, these really lift teacher’s spirits.
  2. Offer to make copies 
  3. Help finish a project or decorate a bulletin board
  4. Deep clean the classroom
  5. If the school is okay with it, take a grading key and help grade some tests
  6. Help organize the classroom before the Christmas break
  7. Volunteer to pick up some lunch duties so that the teachers can have a break
  8. Offer to come and help with arrival or dismissal in the school (Make sure you are approved by the school to volunteer. Many schools require you to have a background check.)

Hopefully this helps you get started with ideas for your teachers! Happy Holidays! 

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