5 Companies Who Help Educators Start Their Own Businesses

After deciding to leave the traditional education setting, I was very interested in education business to business companies. Or in other words, companies that helped educators create their own education start up. Some these business options were very promising and looked like a great fit for any teacher who is looking to become their own boss!

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These companies help you start your own business

1. TakeLessons.com

If you have followed some of my previous articles, you’ll know I am a big fan of TakeLessons.com. Really, they should cut me a check. Take Lessons is a website that allows educators to teach whatever they want and find students all over the world.


  • Set your own hourly rates and schedule.
  • They advertise for you. While you can find your own students, this website pays to promote their articles to get higher in google rankings.
  • Allows other ways to make money. For instance, teaching group classes and writing articles.
  • Students pay in chunks and they help you with your taxes.
  • They have professional development and technical support.
  • Teach online or in person.
  • No upfront costs and minimal costs to maintain.
  • This business can be done in addition to another job.


  • They initially take 40% of your earned money. However, this decreases with every set of 5 lessons (for the 2nd set they take 30%, then 20%, and finally 10%).
  • You are not allowed to move a student from the TakeLessons platform to a private student. Both teacher and student agree to continue using the platform.

2. Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that allows educators to create content and then sell it per use.


  • You can do this work whenever it is convenient.
  • This is a business that does require student interaction.
  • Write curriculum that is interesting to you.
  • Make your own prices.
  • This business can be done in addition to another job.


  • It may take advertising your part to get your materials to sell.
  • Income may not be consistent.
  • Takes a lot of upfront work.


3. Acton Academy

Acton Academy is a business that allows teachers to create their own micro school.


  • If you are a go getter, and business minded, this really could replace your day job.
  • Allows teachers the freedom of truly teaching how they want.


  • This option requires a lot of money up front. At least $10,000 initially.
  • These micro-schools require much more business knowledge than the typical business for teachers.


4. Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten allows teachers to create their own 4 week early childhood course. These typically are outdoor curriculums.


  • Educators choose the time and place of each class.
  • Allows teachers to be their own boss.
  • Training is included and there are no upfront costs.
  • This business can be run in addition to another job.


  • Tinkergarten takes $100 from the first two successful classes to pay for the training.
  • Teachers are restricted to working with children under 5.
  • There is some amount of personal advertising involved.
  • Requires a love for the out doors (since most of the curriculum takes place outside).


5. BoomWriter

Boomwriter is a website that allows educators or “camp leads” the opportunity to teach a writing camp in one week stints.


  • Teachers can set up their own hours within the M-F work week.
  • Materials are provided (all teachers need is a computer and internet).
  • Training is provided.
  • The writing curriculum provided has excellent reviews.
  • Groups take place online and provides flexibility.
  • This job can be done in addition to a full time job.


  • Teachers are expected to promote their own camp to attract students.
  • The amount of income is based on the number of students who apply (teachers make $65 per student, per week).


There are plenty of other remote or part time opportunities out there! In your career search, remember to stay creative. You may want to consider reading my other article on what I learned from my failures getting a remote job, or flexible part time jobs for teachers. 

Have another other great business ideas? Have you tried any of these companies? Leave a comment below!

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