Educational Intervention: Student is struggling to recall their letter sounds.

Need: Student scores intensive or strategic on the CORE letter sound survey.

(If you don’t have a CORE Phonics survey I highly recommend buying and using it frequently. That is a gold mine of data for teachers. However, you can always check their letter sound from flash cards.)


Example Research Based Interventions:

  1. Make flash cards with the letters. Teach two, and then add one more each day. Have the student complete guided practice with a peer. When they master 7, stop and pick another 7 letters to learn/review (adding one more each day.) Review all the letters learned on Friday. If they miss any, add those back into the weekly 7 letters.
  2. Use the letter and match pictures of the sound to the letter. Keep it consistent. Don’t change the pictures. (using a sort strategy) (Print these from here:
  3. Teacher gives the sound and student selects the correct letter from three choices. Use this in tandem with what has already been taught from above

Time: 5-10 minutes, 2-4 x’s a week

Baseline Data options (How do you know they need help with their sounds?):

  • CORE  Ponics survey
  • DIBELs Fist Sound Fluency
  • letter list

Example Goals (What is the end goal for this student?):

  • Student will identify 15 sounds correctly by December 12.
  • Student will identify all of their letter sounds on 3 consecutive trials by February.
  • Student will master their 7 sounds each week.

Progress Monitor (How can you see if they are learning the skill?):

  • Use the letter lists.
  • Use the 7 sounds taught that week. (for students are VERY behind)
  • Your progress monitoring method. Use as a test before you begin instruction.

Progress Monitoring Resources and Data Tracking:


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