Educational Intervention: Student Cannot Name Their Letters

Need: Student scores strategic or intensive on naming their letters on the CORE Phonics survey. (strategic is 65-82, intensive is 0-64).

Approximate Developmental Age: Kindergarten/Pre-School

Example Research Based Interventions:

  1. The teacher opens each session with these instructions (adapted from Schuster et al., 1990): “I am going to show you cards with letters/numbers/words. If you know the letter/number/word, say it. If you don’t know the letter/number/word, say nothing or say ‘I don’t know.” Teaching Sequence: When first introducing the letters, do not allow the child the wait and fail at the letter. If they don’t know it, just tell them. After they have seen it, give them a few seconds.  Show each card and say, “This letter/number/word is [insert letter/number/word]. What is this letter/number/word?” If the student answers correctly, say, “Right. The letter/number/word is [insert letter/number/word]. Good job!” or similar feedback and praise. Then advance to the next card. If the student fails to respond or responds incorrectly, repeat the initial prompt: “This letter/number/word is [insert letter/number/word]. What is this letter/number/word?”
  2. Make flash cards with the letters. Teach two, and then add one more each day. Have the student complete guided practice with a peer. When they master 7, stop and pick another 7 letters to learn/review (adding one more each day.) Review all the letters learned on Friday. If they miss any, add those back into the weekly 7 letters.
  3. Write the letter, say the letter across those 7 that you picked for the week. Review with a partner.

Other resource help:

Time Needed: 5 minutes, 2-4 x’s a week

Progress Monitoring Success:

  • Use letter lists. Have student identify the letter.
  • Identify the words they learned at the end of each week.
  • Use the flash cards they have practiced with that week.
  • Your progress monitoring method. Use as a test before you begin instruction.

Baseline Data Options:

  • Identify letters from the CORE list.
  • Record how many letters student can identify from flash cards.

Example goals:

  • Student will be able to identify 18 of the 16 letters by February 1.
  • Student will be able to identify their letters with 80% accuracy by December 31.

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