First blog post

Everyone can teach. Everyone will teach. Whether you are a professional teacher, a parent, a trainer or supervisor, a tutor, or a mentor, you will teach others. My profession is special education. I received my education at the University of Utah (Go Utes!), and have loved working in traditional public, public charter, and private schools.

Before I received my teaching degree, I spent 5 years teaching healthy behaviors to troubled teens, working with adult women in drug rehabilitation, and one-on-one applied behavioral analysis with a toddler diagnosed with autism. I suppose these experiences have shaped me into a behaviorist. Whatever your opinions are about behavioral theory, it can be applied specifically to the teaching field. Research is continually showing that learning is a behavior. When academic and classroom skills are explicitly taught and practiced, students can learn to be successful. Hopefully they can learn to learn independently.

About a year ago, my husband asked me, “What would your dream job be?” My answer, “To take research and make it accessible for all teachers.” That’s why I started this blog. I want to see that everyone can access quality, research based teaching methods. Wether you are teaching a skill, a behavior, a technique to a group of people, I want the information to help you reach your students. You can teach it, and your students can learn it.

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